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I began collecting machins as a student at McGill U in Montreal, QC ... business, and other interests intervened at times; but after absence, comes renewal ... rediscovering machins thru Robin Harris's fine project "GB Machins" rekindled my passion for collecting - and so the quest continues today.

 collectors can join the facebook group linked ... more information is posted.
over the years I have developed aids to streamline collecting...  so explore posts
security machins offer a wide range of vars ... 9 per issue  iriodin, phosphor and diecut - reports for 1st and 2nd class machins are being compiled - year/letter code.  A12, T12 ...
some very skillful forgeries are reviewed ... I trade machins  normally by value - as a study lot  - see offers/ needs
  • NEED : year code 16 and 17 
  • 1997 Harrison cyl B14  - green flour  ;  

my current study is 1/2p machin ... used material welcomed

 OFFER :  used
1st 2nd class security machins
post & go labels
Faststamp labels
regionals and FDC
country definitives
machin forgeries
machin perfins
60gm xmas - booklet

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