new 1st red forgeries reported ...

forgery collectors are urged to read pages in latest Bookmark Journal 44-3 ... incredible review of  1st royal mail reds ( 5 NEW VARS) that I have never seen before ...   these have been town named.

T12 - oval offsets SWC ...


  1. wolverhampton - T12 /w ondule diecut , 1st thick, R cut offset
  2. middleton - A13 /w normal perf, 1st thin
  3. warrington - pointed perf, 1st thin
  4. glasgow - MISL /w very pointed perf, 1st thick
  5. wembley - T13 pointed perf, 1st thin, many IS settings
1-4 do offer some uv reaction - though different from genuine
all are worth looking for in weeks ahead ...

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