machin indicia ... hindsight and futuretense

since machins appeared in 1967, collectors have seen many changes to OCR equipment and their required new phosphor patterns and colours : "remember the postcode" was the first slogan cancel, followed by advertising and special event plates... gone are the days of VF small town cancels applied by caring PO clerk with a few exceptions ...
depending on the
face-value, I have found stamp usage attracts finer or lesser indicia : domestic post favours ALF wavy or straight-line forms... circular indicia are rubber or steel ring ... rubber daters appear on domestic or overseas small packet mailings, and steel indicia are usually found only on registered mail before the 2004 R form-labels were introduced ... my preference has always been steel or fine rubber circular daters, in fact, I collect only VF "south-east corner" forms, or unused copies that escape the eye of the ALF or postal clerk on small packet mail .... result : the cancel a face-value machin bears : is dependent on year, OCR equipment, class of mail, rural or urban PO... a steel indicia found on certain machins could in fact be quite rare ... by assembling a group of values for registered mail post ... note that this discussion does not cover special event or philatelic cancellations, another topic.
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