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I began collecting machins as a student at McGill U in Montreal, QC ... business, and other interests intervened at times; but after absence, comes renewal ... rediscovering machins thru Robin Harris's fine project "GB Machins" rekindled my passion for collecting - and so the quest continues today.

 collectors can join the facebook group linked ... more information is posted.
  • over the years I have developed aids to streamline collecting...
  • security machins offer a wide range of vars ... 9 per issue  iriodin, phosphor and diecut
  • reports for 1st and 2nd class machins are being compiled - year/letter code.  A12, T12 ...
  • some very skillful forgeries are reviewed ...
  • arthur ryan offers used values - an aid to exchanges

  • I trade machins  - see offers/ needs
  • needed...  1997 Harrison cyl B14  - green flour  ;  



march release ...

as reported on norvic blog...

New stamps should be issued on 21 March at the following rates:

£1.17 - Letter: Europe 20g, Worldwide 10g and Postcard.

£1.40  - Worldwide letter up to 20g

£1.57 - Europe letter up to 100g

£2.27 - Worldwide letter up to 100g.

£2.55 - Europe Large Letter to 100g. 


16T 2nd class forgery ...

iriodin screen shows larger text


new forgeries reported ...

the latest MBPC Bookmark Journal 46-4 offer several counterfeits  A9 or T16

 sharston  counter sheet forgery - A9 delarue screen

red afterglow

my collection - shows a 13T red with same LW reaction...

12 cell booklet format


15T 1st red ... 3B var

reported in MBPC 46-3

on L genuine - R uv shows anomolies, possible F
  • no ovals , 
  • value and head distorted
  • both 1st and 2nd class tagging

1989 37p red - unusual dry print- H ACP


1st flame forgery booklet ...

I acquired this diecut forgery in HOLLAND.  it may source to the Mcanea m12 forgery booklet.   
the evidence was destroyed - except 1 sheet sent to Royal Mail "black museum"  ...  I am seeking images.

readers should verify diecut singles postmarked 2001 +

2001,  Questa and Walsall issued m12 booklets ...  both are known missing phosphor.


the Mt Pleasant forgery ... reviewed BJ462

this is current royal mail red  M14L forgery reviewed by Gerard Small.  the error booklet shows 6 vars ...

normal bands

LWUV : flour purple /w white bands
cameo speckled

since  my 9/15/15 post, 2 new vars have been uncovered in the MBPC journal 45-5
var2 - fishscale head - manchester red
var3 - head lettering multiplied, diadem irregular , brite blue flour bands

white head, 14 offset, spot on cheek

the forgers are now producing varied printings of same codes


2nd class forgery ... interesting faults

the lower edge bust is jagged

facial anomolies

the shadow frame is typical of turkish group

1994 2nd class forgery ... inverted

inverted ellipses, and apparent double impression
3D effect
jagged bust


machin album pages ... updated

robin harris is now offering : pdf album pages ... basic to specialised

interim studies and EOF -  errors, oddities and freaks  are compiled using StampCat 10 ... 


registration scoring ...

today's catalogs only list a fraction of varieties ... 

the matrix allows scoring of security machins - iriodin, flour-phosphor, and die cuts
in fact, compounds exist : a single machin can exhibit 3 different shifts

hence,  A 100% centred item would score ...


missing phosphor MFP , and missing iriodin MIR = 0

e.g. 505, 055


1st 13T red ... vars

 normal A2B phosphor, and MFP var ...

MBPC : pW2

2 MFP vars ...the second is common var - LWUV

dry prints - pW2



St Albans forgeries ... imperf

compare genuine on R to forgery on L ... frame/die is larger

LWUV images below ...  both are MFP - missing phosphor bands
flourescence as seen - imperf