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I began collecting machins as a student at McGill U in Montreal, QC ... business, and other interests intervened at times; but after absence, comes renewal ... rediscovering machins thru Robin Harris's fine project "GB Machins" rekindled my passion for collecting - and so the quest continues today.

 collectors can join the facebook group linked ... more information is posted.
over the years I have developed aids to streamline collecting...  so explore posts via searchbox ///
security machins offer a wide range of vars ...     some very skillful forgeries are reviewed ...

 I trade machins  normally by value - as a study lot  -
  • NEED :    


  • 1st 2nd class security machins
  • post & go labels
  • Faststamp labels
  • regionals and FDC
  • town cancels 
  • country definitives
  • machin forgeries
  • machin perfins
  • 60gm xmas - booklet

Deegam HB4 ... update

the latest DGR124 reports new profiles are included after 2013 absence.  the team has edited many aspects.    the new set of profiles, will be separate folder from old set to 2013.

decimal and nvi machins are included.


9p violet blue ... new find

a short band top was discovered, from cyl 16.

above distribution of vars


specialised album pages ...

the 9p group reflects "dry printing" or ink errors

using the deegam HB4 CD as reference, I group the phosphors by type ... LR, L, R, LCR or no phosphor ...
for each value study.  a failure of HB4 focus, is that many plate errors are overlooked.   to describe these on an album page or worksheet -  stampCat V9 reports allow easy reports to be generated.

for years, much of my collection lay on the shelf - as I awaited a comprehensive specialised album, in pdf format.  douglas myall attests no one can ever complete a machin collection - scarcity and price points.

however, we can enjoy our new finds on a custom generated worksheet,  instantly.


2017 is 50th anniversary of machin design

Arnold Machin, designer

QE2 portrait design ... view his artworks ; and finally his obituary
    as philatelists we always appreciate the fine works of stamp designers, past and present... the intaglio 1999-2000 high values were his last design issues ... both these and the Slania gravure series of 2003 are discontinued from production ... electronic labels are used today for registered or heavy parcel mails as a rule ...

    this title certainly appeals to the machin enthusiast ... reissued in 2002, it offers an in depth outlook on Arnold Machin's life and work ... ISBN : 1872914233 ... 

    50th update ...


    1st Gold Upminster forgery ...

    a remake of MSIL booklet has appeared.  Gerard Small offers a full report in Bookmark Journal 46-5

    enhanced image to reveal iriodin layer

    new and old MSIL F


    12.5p errors

    cylinder registration errors

     cb cb+ wbr


    17p grey blue ... double reverse print





    item was discovered in lot recently.    many other dry prints and phosphor errors were also found.  the later without bands and showing red-orange or yellow flourescent reactions. contaminated inks ...


    17C 1st royal mail red

    note speckled dots on head ,,, lack of static cling on cylinder

    likely Cerutti press used as 15C 

    C15 1st royal mail red ...cerutti #1

    • new vars : SBT and offsets R (on FDC)
    • this is certainly an item to search for vars ...  it is first run off new ISP press.
    • all are pre-release stocks ...
    • the 4 pos from alice in wonderland booklet all show anomolies - air bubbles, or no ink areas

    1 and 2 : hairline cracks
    3 : dots in face
    4 : double pointed bust


    machin album pages ... updated

    robin harris is now offering : pdf album pages ... basic to specialised

    interim studies and EOF -  errors, oddities and freaks  are compiled using StampCat 10 ... 


    march release ...

    as reported on norvic blog...

    Sunset Red
    Dark Green Pine
    Tarragon Green
    Harvest Gold
    Garnet Red

    New stamps should be issued on 21 March at the following rates:

    £1.17 - Letter: Europe 20g, Worldwide 10g and Postcard.

    £1.40  - Worldwide letter up to 20g

    £1.57 - Europe letter up to 100g

    £2.27 - Worldwide letter up to 100g.

    £2.55 - Europe Large Letter to 100g.


    16T 2nd class forgery ...

    iriodin screen shows larger text


    new forgeries reported ...

    the latest MBPC Bookmark Journal 46-4 offer several counterfeits  A9 or T16

     sharston  counter sheet forgery - A9 delarue screen

    red afterglow

    my collection - shows a 13T red with same LW reaction...

    12 cell booklet format


    15T 1st red ... 3B var

    reported in MBPC 46-3

    on L genuine - R uv shows anomolies, possible F
    • no ovals , 
    • value and head distorted
    • both 1st and 2nd class tagging