14T Manchester red forgery ...

LWUV                                                                     SWUV

 reported in MBPC Bookmark Journal 45-4  photos (G.Small)


12T Mount Pleasant blue forgery ...

 lwuv                                                                 swuv       
12TF - Mount Pleasant blue

 reported in MBPC Bookmark Journal 45-4  photos (G.Small)

T12 2nd forgery discovered ...

consider the sets below independently...
the first was discovered by an associate as no phosphor var
my collection - offers 3 types 

 some of images were very difficult to capture

genuine T12

I am comparing the Iriodin overlays on 1st red forgeries, and hope to find links ...


5p A15 partial SBB

phosphor error BL


1st amethyst-purple ... a review

as 2015 draws to a close, several vars are known. 
 the mixed B6 offers a SBB and SBB inset L

D1 counter sheet - note value setting
the first release was reported 2015.08.17  Mount Pleasant -
shortages of 1st royal mail red

MS offers 3 vars.
no kiloware has surfaced.  no forgery known ...

1st silver forgery - die-cut var

dry print


1st silver forgery find ...  note die-cut and "black dot in hair"  HB4 C4-27-8 shows TTTT var with same dot ... so 2 versions exist  under uv-lamp the bars diffuse ...


1st red wembley forgery ...

var - wembley F /w serif 1 in BL ... does anyone have a B12 ? I would like to know position of this one ??


1994 2nd class forgery ... inverted

inverted ellipses, and apparent double impression
3D effect


2nd Large errors ... Iriodin missing

80% of Iriodin overlay is missing

damaged areas are visible in overlay


3.5P dry print error ...

unusual as it only appears on upper 1/3 of machin
R image is LWUV inverted


the Mt Pleasant forgery ...

this is current royal mail red  M14L forgery.  
I have had queries from collectors, who are puzzled by what they see ...

LWUV : flour purple /w white bands
cameo speckled


cylinder sequencing ... dull and bright phosphors

Q. printers are varying, the sequencing cylinder?
I have tried to rationalize dull and bright phosphors

as PUI , phosphor under ink

IUP ,   Iriodin® under phosphor


A15 £2.25 + 3 new var ...

I have found many vars in 2009 2015 HV machins...
2B I1 2B I2 and this new compund var ...

inspect your holdings...


new SBT vars ...


2nd class forgery ... interesting faults

the lower edge bust is jagged

facial anomolies

the shadow frame is typical of turkish group